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Summer Learning

Summer learning should not be a challenge! Join us for fun, simple activities and routines
you can do to boost learning this summer while building better relationships 
with your kids and developing the Critical Keys to Life Long Learning.

The Why, The What  & The How of the 

   Summer Un-Challenge

Starting Monday, July 13th

As educators, we know how important it is to keep learning all summer.  As parents, we understand the value of building great relationships with our kids.  The Un-Challenge is designed to instill a love of life long learning through fun, simple activities and easy shifts in our daily routines.

Wonder what this actually looks like?  Click below to see an example challenge.

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“Thanks Christi and Chad for keeping us motivated and challenged with all these fun activities. I can wait to see what tomorrow brings! 💓”

"We were hit hard in Massachusetts during the shutdown, and both my husband and I are essential workers so the kids were on screens for school, entertainment and babysitting. They are SO BORED.  Your program is just what we need!!!”

“I’m loving this un-challenge and so grateful for the amazing resources...Many thanks again for such a wonderful week!”

Gardening Lesson

Why would I participate?

Let's face it, school was not the same this spring.  Many of us had to play the heavy in order to finish out the year.   Parents across the country are looking for ways to keep their students on track without ruining their relationship with their kids.

Experts in education state that a mere 20 minutes a day of learning can prevent summer learning loss.  These 20 minutes don't have to be skill review activities! Connecting the learning to real life allows high levels of engagement and interest. Coupled with authentic questioning and problem solving, these daily activities and tips will help your child to rekindle their love of learning. 

By the end of the Un-Challenge, you'll have a bank of activities and questioning strategies so you can keep the learning going strong all summer.

Boy Playing Outside

What is the Un-Challenge?

The Un-Challenge is an easy way to encourage summer learning while connecting with your child.  The mantra of the Un-Challenge is: Keep It Positive.  Keep It Real.  Keep It Simple.

Each day during the Un-Challenge you will receive an email with a fun learning activity and daily routine tip to keep summer learning happening.  The catch is...your kids won't even know they're learning!  Each quick activity is accompanied by background information detailing the academic skills that are incorporated and connections to future ready learning as well as extensions and alternatives.

We will also provide a short video each day describing the activity and daily routine tip.

Additionally, you can join a community of parents through our Private Facebook Group to get support, share ideas, and celebrate success!  The Facebook Group will provide a forum for questions and answers throughout the Un-Challenge.   There will also be several Facebook Live sessions to get your questions answered and to share ideas.  

Working in the Garden

How do I sign up?

It's easy!  Simply click on the sign up button.  We will send you a welcome email with all of the details and a little background information.  The email will also provide an invitation to join the private Facebook group.

We're excited to reimagine summer learning with you! 


About Us

Chad Ransom and Christi Roberts have worked in schools for over 20 years as teachers, administrators, and school consultants.  Christi is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher as well as a winner of the prestigious Milken Educator Award.  Chad was a finalist for the PBS Graduate Champion Award and founded the first dual immersion program in Wyoming.

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