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About Us

We have always been fascinated by the complexity of school and district improvement.  As researchers, we are well aware of identified best practices. As practitioners, we are well aware of how difficult it is to implement those best practices.  After many years successfully implementing change in our own schools, we began to use our learning to support others across the country and internationally with their own improvement work.  What we’ve uncovered is a process that facilitates the successful implementation of best practices by understanding the individual context of each improvement effort.

This process isn’t a customized approach to school improvement.  A customized approach implies that there is a template that is just modified slightly for each site.  Our approach is different. We partner with each site to co-create a plan based on the needs and leverage points in each individual system.  Our approach focuses on improving systems and building individual capacity to ensure long-term success. As with any coach, our goal is to work our way out of a job by leaving systems with the ability to engage in continuous improvement on their own.

We have used our process to produce successful improvement efforts from individual programs to whole school improvement.  This includes successful school turnaround efforts in multiple states, the implementation of new dual immersion programs, changing the disproportionality of ESL students in gifted programing, whole district STEM initiatives, and a myriad of other improvement efforts.  We are passionate about what we do and are always looking to partner with systems who are looking for a different approach to school improvement.

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