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Systems Improvement

Keep it Simple. Keep it Real. Keep it Positive.

Program Evaluation

Expert Guidance

Program evaluations help to identify what is working well and what areas might be improved based on best practice, research, and legal requirements.  Our facilitators have program specific expertise, as well as a strong systems perspective that ensures coherence across programs to best meet the needs of students.

Resource Adoption & Implementation

The Path to Success

Resources provide a wide variety of support, however the process of adopting a new resource can be daunting.  Our team can guide your stakeholders to a decision that fits the needs of your system.  After adoption, a smooth implementation is key.  Our team will provide a menu of options for a successful transition.

Strategic Planning & School Improvement

A Comprehensive Approach

Some of the most important work of leaders is creating a shared vision and plan for achieving that vision.  This requires an accurate analysis of needs, a broad understanding of possible best practices, strategic thinking to determine the most effective way to achieve the vision, and the ability to engage all stakeholders in the process.

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