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Peer Coaching Workshops & Academies

Peer Coaching Unlocks Teacher Potential

"I am learning so much about my own teaching and how to become a peer coach. I know I have already been an academic coach before, but I did not have the proper training (like this) to really make a difference."

2022 Peer Academy Participant

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"The peer coaching academy activities were phenomenal and really opened lines of communication."
~ 2022-2023 Peer Coaching Academy Participant

Leveraging Teacher Potential

Instructional coaching has proven positive results for teachers and students. Imagine a system where all teachers were able to coach one another on a daily basis.
What are the possibilities?

Full Day Workshops

Business Meeting

An Empowering Experience

Our full-day workshops are designed in an engaging, interactive format to develop synergistic peer coaching systems and relationships.

Peer Coaching Academies

Multiracial Colleagues

A Customized Approach

The Peer Coaching Academy supports that deepens the skills and mindset developed during the full-day workshop. Our team will work with your team to build the series of learning modules that will best complement your system.

On-Site Coaching

Colleagues Having Lunch

Expert Guidance

For a full coaching experience, our expert coaches will visit your school to support participants on their pathway to peer coaching.

Peer Coaching Academy: Services
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